Industrial Music, Iran Style

It’s probably not in the same league as anything on ” _Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse_”:, but the other day Iranian Esfahan provincial television broadcast “Nuclear Know-How,” which it described as Iran’s “nuclear song.” The song celebrates “Tehran’s purported ability”: to enrich uranium on an industrial scale.

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Here’s the description of the song (and accompanying video) from the broadcast:

A caption was shown at the beginning of the song…saying that the song was presented to “young scientists” working on the country’s nuclear technology.

The song is cut to pictures showing Iranian nuclear scientists at work. Video shows inside shots of a nuclear facility, scientists dressed in white working with various types of equipment, looking at video screens, large demonstrations in streets of the capital Tehran, demonstrators waving pictures of the spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamene’i, more inside and outside shots of nuclear facilities and a group of demonstrators pulling an American and an Israeli flag tied together on the ground.

*Some of the words of the song are: “O Iran, O proud Iran, the most capable Iran, your name at the peak of glory. Your scientists have reached new horizons, nuclear know-how, nuclear know-how.”*

At the end of the song a caption shows the following words attributed to Ayatollah Khamene’i: “Nuclear technology and nuclear fuel cycle are the inalienable right of the Iranian nation”.

I’m disappointed that “Nuclear Assault”: didn’t do this song back in the day. In any case, download it to your iPod, along with “this track”: from the North Koreans.

2 thoughts on “Industrial Music, Iran Style

  1. Russ Wellen

    “O Iran” is not bad, but not as good as “All servicepersons. . .” An enterprising industrial dance ensemble could make them their own. It’s cool you reference groups like Skinny Puppy and even Iron Maiden (not my thing). Industrial dance, especially my favorites, Front Line Assembly, deal in Armageddon scenarios all the time. (If you’re into that kind of music, state of the art is a great young group from Florida called God Module.)


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