T Blankley Kan’t Reed

Or maybe he just gets paid to write crap. Evidence “here.”:http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2007/04/irans_nuke_program_advances.html

I commend “this post”:http://www.armscontrolwonk.com/1457/iran-enriching-on-industrial-scale and “this post”:http://www.totalwonkerr.net/1400/more-on-iran-and-centrifuges to him.

[Apologies “to Atrios.”:http://atrios.blogspot.com/2006_05_07_atrios_archive.html#114705830668276581 ]

2 thoughts on “T Blankley Kan’t Reed

  1. Matt

    I love the obligatory WWII/Churchill reference, and especially the a priori conclusion of an Iranian weapons program. I want that guy’s job…


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