Greatest. Song. Title. Ever.

Speaking of “music”:, according to a “KCNA article”: titled “Great Vitality of Music-based Politics:”

bq. The music-based politics of the Workers’ Party of Korea has brought about a great turn in the development of the Korean revolution and its validity and indestructible vitality is being displayed to the fuller as the days go by. Kim Jong Il, who set forth a unique idea that a genuine music should meet the demand of the times and contribute to the mission of the times in the early period of his revolutionary activities, has wisely led the work of creating famous art pieces representing the times at each stage of the revolutionary development.

Of all those songs, this one is too good to be true:”All Servicepersons and People Will Become Human Bullets and Bombs.”

Lest you think that music doesn’t matter, the article adds:

Startling miracles and labor feats are being made in many units from the beginning of the year. These are unthinkable apart from brisk mass cultural and artistic activities.

The working people of Korea are registering signal successes in all working sites of the socialist construction such as the agricultural and power, coal-mining, metal industry and rail transport sectors, singing louder the songs of struggle and advance.

The music-based politics is certain to bring earlier the building of a great, prosperous powerful nation.

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