Department of Fugazi

Jeffrey “recently wrote:”:

bq. Paul and I have been friends since we were office mates at CSIS a long, long time ago. (And, yes, we did accomplish some things despite sharing a tiny, windowless box. For example, we refused Steele Means an internship. We also conducted serious research into whether Fugazi and the DC dancepunk scene are more derivative of Television or Gang of Four. And yes, there is a correct answer to that question.)

This reminded me of the time we left work early to see Fugazi play on the mall as part of the DC Folklife Festival. I distinctly recall Ian MacKaye telling the crowd that some Smithsonian people were concerned that the band (which they had never heard of) might not be able to fill the tent in which they were supposed to play.

Those concerns were, needless to say, unfounded.

Get back to work, nerds.

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