Department of Silly

I was re-reading some _ACT_ pieces last night and came across “a gem”: from SecState Rice this past July on US North Korea policy.

Here’s the quote in full:

bq. I just want to say to China that the responsibility that has been shown here — and I think the President will say this to President Hu later — really shows that the efforts that we’ve been making over the last couple of years to have six-party talks — not U.S.-North Korea talks, where it was the United States and North Korea — but six-party talks, in which all of North Korea’s neighbors have been working toward a denuclearized Korean Peninsula, *that that’s really paying off,* because we really now have a coalition…That’s why I think ultimately North Korea will have no choice but to return to the talks and pursue denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

[Insert witty comment here…and read about Jane below.]

2 thoughts on “Department of Silly

  1. megatonone

    humm…just a wild guess here, but i would think she probably doesn’t have the luxury of such a narrow focus as others 🙂

  2. Russian Rocket

    Yeah, but she needs to have people under her that do. Speaking of which, anyone in the market for a Russian-language specialist with experience with WMD jargon? Yeah, didn’t think so…


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