Bad Ideas

In an effort to compare the US-India nuclear deal to other historically-bad ideas, I give you an account of a 1975 article from _Fortune_ magazine that I found in Steve Weissman and Herbert Krosney’s 1981 book “_The Islamic Bomb_”:

According to Weissman and Krosney, the article argued that the United States was “sacrificing too much of our foreign policy on the altar of nonproliferation” and should have been “trading our superior nuclear technology for other things of value, economic and political.”

The article went on to complain that the US nuclear industry had lost out on some key sales of reactors and other nuclear items. The countries? South Korea, Taiwan, Libya, Brazil, and Iran.

I guess _Fortune_ was right because we didn’t stop any of those countries’ nuclear weapons programs. And our foreign policy was ruined. Or something.

2 thoughts on “Bad Ideas

  1. Earl Kirkman

    I remember those articles, and others, wailing over the lost revenue to American corporations. Fortune, Business Week, AW&ST, etc, all wanted to sell as much and as many as the market would bear. All those meddlsome politicians kept getting in the way, leaving the marke wide open for the ‘Commies’.

    Ah, those innocent undergrad days!!!


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