Iran Ear Candy

For your information/listening pleasure:

George Perkovich, Barbara Slavin, and Ray Takeyh “shared their expertise on NPR the other day”:

Also, check out “this podcast”: on “Carah Ong’s blog”: of Trita Parsi and Jim Walsh talking to reporters.

Carry on.

One thought on “Iran Ear Candy

  1. hass

    Of course Dr Perkovich isn’t being accurate when he claims that Iran “hid 18 years of nuclear programs” and so should be treated differently. In fact Iran repeatedly tried to cooperate with the IAEA in developing enrichment, and was blocked by the US:

    “When Iran openly sought to develop the fuel
    cycle and the IAEA was willing to help it, the U.S.
    intervened to stop this. Whenever Tehran signed a
    public agreement with an international partner,
    Washington worked overtime to kill it.

    Given this reality, the only way to build a fuel cycle
    programme — even if one’s aims were purely peaceful —
    would have been to go about it with stealth.”


    “Though there has been a surfeit of motivated and ill-informed commentary about how Iran “concealed” its uranium enrichment programme from the IAEA “in violation of the NPT” until it was “caught cheating” in 2002, the fact is that Iran was not obliged to inform the Agency about those facilities at the time.”

    SOURCE: Siddharth Varadarajan
    Associate Editor, The Hindu


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