Iran and India

Next time you hear someone claim that the Iranians haven’t raised the US-India nuclear deal in discussions about its nuclear program, remember this…

Iran’s Ambassador to the UN Javad Zarif, stated 31 July:

“Iran’s right to enrich uranium is recognized under the NPT. And upholding the rights of States parties to international regimes is as essential as ensuring respect for their obligations. These regimes, including the NPT, are sustained by a balance between rights and obligations. Threats will not sustain the NPT or other international regimes. Ensuring that members can draw rightful benefits from membership and non-members are not rewarded for their intransigence does.


This goes so far that when it suits the US, even the acquisition of nuclear weapons for non- NPT members becomes “legitimate” to quote the US Ambassador.

4 thoughts on “Iran and India

  1. Rajat Talwar

    Knocking down strawmen?

    Several NPT NNWS also routinely rail against the NWS not doing enough to disarm.

    Has that changed anything?

    Iran is going to do what it chooses to do had this Indo-US deal happened or not.

    Policies cannot be based on whether they give an extra talking point to rogue nations.

  2. Max

    It is shameful that no fuss is raised by the international community over the US contravention of the NPT by nuclear dealing with the NPT non-signatory India.

    When Indian External Affairs Minister K Natwar Singh spoke up against the Indian vote against Iran in the IAEA and the stance adopted by the US et al over Iran’s (NPT legitimate) Nuclear Programme, he was soon named as a beneficiary of the (corrupt) UN Iraq Oil-For-Food Programme, in a report by former US Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker.

    Coincidence? I think not…

  3. Manne


    You are trying to be cute as always. Lets see, Javed Arif says “Iran’s right to enrich uranium is recognized under the NPT.” Do you agree with that? If not, then why assign credibility to rest of the comments? Aren’t you trying to grant credibility in a very selective manner to buttress your point? Strawmen++


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