Department of Wankery

The House “approved this atrocity”:;_ylt=Ar7kgf9SNbxPtqc7PKbWBs5A7AkB;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl yesterday. Great first day back from vacation.

But since the deal will strengthen the nonproliferation regime and definitely has nothing to do with campaign contributions, selling weapons to India, or containing China, I’m not worried.

OTOH, “this”: is truly frightening.

My utility belt tells me it’s to the bar, Batman…


“The final bill is here.”:

2 thoughts on “Department of Wankery

  1. RT

    Raising the campaign contributions bogey merely hides the deeper reasons behind why Congress bought the US-India nuclear deal.

    The real reasons for the deal’s passage lie closer to the NPT itself. Neither the NWS nor the NNWS were taking the treaty seriously for several years. The fundamental bargain has proven to be a false one. In that context, Congressmen had to weigh whether they want to alienate a rising global power merely to stick to a failed treaty.

    Now, if campaign contributions led to this “atrocity” then what led to the passage of US-China nuclear accord which had the US selling nuclear reactors to China without safeguards?

    If the India lobby bribed Congressmen to pass this recent deal then could it be that the China apologists in the “non proliferation” community subverted Congress to pass that abominable deal?


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