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Following up on Jeffrey’s “earlier post”: , the text of the US-India Nuclear Atrocity tabled in the Indian Parliament 7 March can be found “here”: This State Department “fact sheet”: is also worth reading.

More items of interest:

*Wade Boese and Daryl Kimball wrote “a rebuttal”: to “this White House fact sheet”: about the deal. They obviously have strong stomachs.

*For those who think that India has always abided by its international agreements, check out “these documents”: regarding US-India nuclear cooperation back in the day. Leonard Weiss spoke about them at an “ACA event”: last month.

*”This report”:;_ylt=AmUE272QwHXwQ.xYJZWWtOFA7AkB;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl from Carol Giacomo of Reuters has the Indian Embassy’s reaction to the “ISIS report”: that Jeffrey “wrote about”: on Friday.

*Dave Ruppe from GSN took a “behind-the-scenes look”: at the deal’s origins last week.

*Note:* If both John Bolton and employees of the Arms Control Association think something’s a bad idea, you might want to rethink it.

4 thoughts on “India Miscellany

  1. RT

    If both John Bolton and Daryl Kimball think that this deal is bad, then they perhaps need to wake up and smell the plutonium.

    The NPT is dead. It has been doomed from the moment it came into force because it was based on a false bargain.

    50 years from now Americans would probably laugh at the hysteria over the bypassing of a system that allowed US to sell nuclear weapons to China but could not allow the same of a screw used in a reactor vessel assembly even under strict safeguards.

    The ACA and others need to find a new career instead of whining over the demise of a dead letter treaty.

  2. Akash

    Given the way all these reports are “emerging” and te intentions therein, all I am waiting for is the one that confirms India secretly has the Anti Christ as well. I mean, we just know it.

    Jokes apart, the bit for those who think “India has not always abided by its International agreements”…the question is, have the US and assorted members of the NPT alliance done so as well?
    This constant attempt to run down India and classify it as something it isnt does make me wonder whether you guys would have liked it if India did what North Korea and Pak and China did. It would have been better for Indian security and at any rate India would have done something which would firmly place it in the rank of its “peers” like China.

    Of course, this post may get lost in the e- ether as well..but trust me, the literal bunnies outta a hat, some of the NPA community are pulling with regards to this topic, leave a bad taste in the mouth, & make one feel that realpolitik aka rampant proliferation wins out anyday over what India did. It makes no difference, either ways.


  3. Manne

    As for the rebuttal from Boese-Kimball and “strong stomachs”, if you want to stay stuck on outdated and ineffective ideas, be my guest.

    1. What Boese-Kimball and others of their ilk do not realise is that India’s military programme has been a unwanted but necessary child even for Indians; but one that they will stand by irrespective of whether anyone else gets a bee in their bonnet over it.

    2. There is no evidence to suggest that the past sanctions or nuclear untouchability has any effect of even slowing down the military programme.

    In short, I wonder whether this is a case of “strong stomach” or “marble head”.


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